The eighth wave of Walt Disney Treasures was released on November 11, 2008 (Veterans Day).

The Chronological Donald, Volume Four


This set is the final volume on Donald and contains the remaining Donald shorts and featurettes from 1951-1961. However, this set leaves out the three Chip 'n' Dale solo shorts. It also leaves out Donald's Fire Survival Plan and Steel and America (1965) educational featurettes, as well as the 1967 educational featurette Scrooge McDuck and Money, which featured Uncle Scrooge for the first time in a starring role in animation. He had previously only appeared in the opening title sequence of The Mickey Mouse Club. The cartoon Bee on Guard is missing the last 5 seconds of footage for reasons unknown. Recently, Disney has started issuing replacement discs correcting this error.

39,500 sets produced.

Disc one


  • Dude Duck
  • Corn Chips
  • Test Pilot Donald
  • Lucky Number
  • Out of Scale
  • Bee On Guard


  • Donald Applecore
  • Let's Stick Together
  • Trick or Treat


From the Vault

  • Uncle Donald's Ants (1952)
  • Rugged Bear (1953)

Disc two



  • Bearly Asleep
  • Beezy Bear
  • Up A Tree


  • Chips Ahoy
  • How to Have an Accident In the Home



From the Vault

  • Spare the Rod (1954)
  • No Hunting (1955)
  • How to Have An Accident at Work (1959)

Bonus Features

  • "Donald Goes to Press"
  • "The Unseen Donald Duck: Trouble Shooters" (1946)
  • Leonard Maltin and Jerry Beck audio commentaries on 2 shorts
  • 10 Mickey Mouseworks Cartoons (1999-2000)
    • Bird Brained Donald
    • Donald and the Big Nut
    • Donald's Charmed Date
    • Donald's Dinner Date
    • Donald's Failed Fourth
    • Donald's Rocket Ruckus
    • Donald's Shell Shots
    • Donald's Valentine Dollar
    • Music Store Donald
    • Survival of the Woodchucks

Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

Dr.Syn, Alias The Scarecrow

39,500 sets produced.

Disc one

  • The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh: Part 1 First broadcast 9 February, 1964
  • The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh: Part 2 First broadcast 16 February, 1964
  • The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh: Part 3 First broadcast 23 February, 1964

Disc two

  • Dr. Syn, Alias The Scarecrow: Feature-length version released in cinemas in the United Kingdom on December 12, 1963

The Mickey Mouse Club Presents: Annette


39,500 sets produced.

Disc one

  • Episodes 1–10 first broadcast February 10-February 21, 1958

Disc two

  • Episodes 11–20 first broadcast February 24-March 7, 1958

Bonus features

  • Two bonus Mickey Mouse Club episodes
  • Musically Yours, Annette
  • To Annette With Love

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