"War Crimes"
Cover of Batman: War Crimes  (2005), trade paperback collected edition.Art by James Jean.
Publisher DC Comics
Publication date October 2005


Title(s) Batman #643-644
Detective Comics #809-810

"War Crimes" is a story arc in the Batman comic book series, and is the sequel to another Batman story arc; "War Games".

In the wake of Gotham's recent, and brutal, gang war, Batman is blamed by the city for the recent chaos, and heavily criticized for endangering children. (This latter follows the death of Stephanie Brown, as well as having been photographed carrying a young girl, shot during the War Games arc, from a school. The girl died soon after.)

As Batman attempted to deal with his guilt for the death of his friends Spoiler and Orpheus, he discovered another betrayal that fundamentally altered his relationship with one of his oldest, and most respected, friends. Staunch pacifist Dr. Leslie Thompkins had allowed the Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) to die from her wounds, in order to punish the Batman for his use of children in his war on crime.


Stephanie's death at the hands of Dr. Thompkins is later retconned by writer Chuck Dixon, as the doctor faked Stephanie's death with a body of an overdosed victim who shared a similar physical characteristics with her. She is once again return to her role as The Spoiler. It is revealed that Batman had doubt of her death even though he was with her, which is why there was never a memorial of her in the Batcave, and implying that Batman didn't alert the authorities after his confrontation with Leslie.

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