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  • Nazis
    • V3
    • Commandant Grinz
    • Raeder
    • Adolf Hitler (Cameo) (in Shadow)

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Synopsis for "Zietkrieg Triumphant"Edit

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  • "Zietkrieg" is supposed to be the german Word for "Timewar", however the correct spelling would be "Zeitkrieg";
  • "Commandant" is german for "Commander"; it is actually written with a "k"
  • Meinz is a City in Germany (actually it is "Mainz"); it is the Capitol of Rheinland-Pfalz; there was no "Luftwaffe Proving Grounds" or any kind of Military Base at Mainz during World War II; since 1956 the HQ for the Wehrbereichskommando II of the Bundeswehr is in Mainz
  • there is no City called "Einvald" in Germany; "Einvald" is a norwegian firstname and means "the only master"; Mainz is the biggest City in Rheinland-Pfalz, one should think, that it can be reached by Train from Berlin and that the Rail Yard doesn't end in a subburb, much less one that doesn't exist
  • There is however a Subburb by the name of Finthen, after World War II the United States had an Airfield at Finthen; Finthen is Part of Mainz since 1969


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