Upon the death of witch and the birth of witch, Hecate, by name and choice, shall repossess her soul!
— Hecate
War of the Gods
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War of the Gods was a four-issue limited series published from (cover date) September to December of 1991. The series was written by Wonder Woman series writer/artist George Pérez who also provided the layouts. Finished art and embellishments were provided by Cynthia Martin and Russell Braun with coloring and lettering by Gene D'Angelo and Albert DeGuzman (respectively). The series was edited by Karen Berger and Tom Peyer with covers by Pérez. Each issue of the series was forty-eight pages in length and included centerfold bonus pin-ups illustrated by Chris Sprouse and George Pérez. The storyline crossed over into most of the mainstream titles published at the time and culminated in an unofficial epilogue in Wonder Woman #62, which also signified Pérez departure from the series.

Although the title featured many heroes that populate the greater DC Universe, "War of the Gods" focused heavily on Wonder Woman and many of the supporting characters from her title, specifically, the Greek Gods of Olympus. The plot involved Wonder Woman's most notorious adversary Circe and her ambitious goal to satisfy the vengeance of the goddess Hecate by destroying and ultimately remaking all of reality. Circe's motivations were predicated by an ancient prophecy that foretold that Hecate would repossess her soul upon the death and birth of witch.


In Superman Vol 2 51's lettercolumn, this miniseries is referred to as "The Holy Wars".

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