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  • Eternity and the Tribunal are retelling the Origins of the Infinity Watch Members.
  • Eternity does so to explain, why the Watchers are unsuitable to protect the Gems.
  • The Tribunal turns Eternity down on Gamora, because the Time Gem should not be used without the other Gems thus Gamora was the right Choice, because she doesn't know how to use it anyway (as Eternity himself said) but is however very capable of protecting it.
  • As Pip can only use the Gem for basic teleportation, he is deemed a suitable protector because being a coward he would always teleport away from Danger thus Eternity is turned down on him, too.
  • Tribunal stops Eternity before he can tell him who is the Protector of the Reality Gem because his history is well known to the Tribunal but he turns Eternity down on him as well because Warlock chose him while he was omnipotent and because only few would dare wrest the Gem from him.
  • The reasons why Drax and Moondragon are suitable Guardians in the eyes of the Tribunal are not entirely clear, all in all Eternity is being turned down because he is motivated by his own desires.


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