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  • Captain Amercia, Warlock and the Vision decide that they will go to the United Nations HQ alone.
  • Warlock speaks to the Delegates and advizes them, to recognize the Mole-Man's sovereignity.
  • He fights the Man-Beast and Triax in front of the delegates.


  • Kyle Munson and Ralph Shaw are revealed to be Man-Beast and Triax the Terrible.
  • Captain America stops Warlock before killing the Man-Beast who will be sent to a Prison for Superpowered Criminals
  • Warlock suggests that the real Kyle Munson is dead. It is unrevealed if there ever has been a real Kyle Munson or Ralph Shaw.
  • The plot to disguise himself as a politician was used by the Man-Beast in Warlock Vol 1 before he even became President of the USA on Counter-Earth (Earth-1123); there he possessed a man named Rex Carpenter who he later killed

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