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The Warpsmiths (sometimes referred to as the Warpsmiths of of Phaidon) are a race of aliens who are a part of the Confederacy of the Gulf Worlds. Sometimes seemingly acting as a kind of cosmic police force protecting lesser races, but at other times depicted as aloof and unconcerned, they have for centuries been at war with the Qys, another race of aliens who have the capability to shift into custom built bodies as the occasion requires; for much of the time, this has been a "cold War", though it was seemingly ended by the suggestion of the superhuman Avril Lear that they should "embrace the erotic rather than the thanotic" (a suggestion which originally caused consternation as a mistranslation meant that the Warpsmiths and the Qys both thought she was saying "go **** yourselves").

The Warpsmiths were instrumental in helping Lear and Marvelman end the menace of the psychotic superhuman Johnny Bates and rebuild Earth as a Utopia.

There are five separate castes of Warpsmith, including:

  • Black (the first four Warpsmiths)
  • Blue (artists)
  • Red (workers)
  • Grey (diplomats)
  • White (warriors)

The first four "Black Warpsmiths" arose several thousands of years ago, developed the "derma circuitry" which allows them to teleport, and created the rest of the race. The Warpsmiths are seemingly immortal and ageless, but are now all apparently sterile.

Notable Warpsmiths include:

  • Aza Chorn (deceased; participated in the battle against Johnny Bates)
  • Phon Mooda
  • Kana Blur
  • Lorna Krill

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The Warpsmiths are depicted slightly differently in the stories by Garry Leach in A1 magazine than in the Marvelman/Miracleman stories by Alan Moore. In the former, they are more benign and proactive, in the latter more self interested. This may reflect a gradual development of their race.


The Warpsmiths of Phaidon are one of the major temporal powers in the universe in the series of Gallifrey stories produced by Big Finish audio as a spin-off of the Doctor Who TV series.



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