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The Wayne family can be traced back at least to a Scotsman named Nathaniel Wayne and other familiar members who were merchants. Nathaniel was a witchfinder in Gotham Colony in 1640 under the alias "Brother Malleus". Legend says that one witch placed a curse on Nathaniel's family. The Wayne's being merchants somewhat represented the beginning of Wayne Enterprises.

During the American Revolution, "Mad" Anthony Wayne and his brother, Darius Wayne were both patriots in the American army against the British.[1] (At one point during the war, Batman traveled back in time and met Anthony Wayne, discovering that the two of them were nearly identical.[2]) The British held Gotham for most of the war. With Darius' help, a victory was won in Gotham. Darius was rewarded for his heroism with a large plot of land where Wayne Manor was built.

During the pre-American Civil War era of the 19th century, Judge Solomon Wayne, grandson of Darius Wayne, commissioned architect Cyrus Pinkney to design and to build the first "Gotham Style" structures in what became the center of the city's financial district. This was a "Gothic Revival" in style and timing. During this time, the Wayne family amassed some of there vast fortune by investing in Gotham real estate before it was a bustling metropolis.

During the American Civil War, brothers Solomon Wayne and Joshua Wayne, grandsons of Darius, were abolitionists who helped organize the Gotham branch of the "underground railroad". They used a cave network under Wayne Manor to help transport freed slaves, but Joshua died in the caves and the house was abandoned for a period and passed into local lore as a haunted place. Solomon's son Alan Wayne, who utilized his father's wealth, established Wayne Shipping and Wayne Chemical in Gotham during the Industrial Revolution. Wayne Enterprises was now officially a company.


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  • The Waynes are said to be descendants of the medieval knight geVain, whose line has been tasked with protecting the Holy Grail for centuries. Whether this is true or not has yet to be confirmed. [3]

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  1. In actual fact, "Mad" Anthony Wayne was a Revolutionary War general, but he did not have a brother named Darius.
  2. World's Finest #187, although this may not be true in post-Crisis continuity.
  3. Batman: The Chalice
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