Appearing in "The Two-Century Journey!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Two-Century Journey!"Edit

A generational rocketship leaves over-populated Earth for an Earth-like world that will take nearly two centuries to reach. When they arrive, they find that it is over-populated as well.

Appearing in "Shrinking From Abuse!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Shrinking From Abuse!"Edit

Hugo Masterson has created a formula to shrink tissue. He accidentally injects himself and is then ingested by his wife.

Appearing in "The 10th At Noon"Edit

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Synopsis for "The 10th At Noon"Edit

Two scientists invent a time machine that can send a camera into the future and snap a picture. They discover the end of the world is coming.

Appearing in "The Thing In the Jar"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Thing In the Jar"Edit

Scientists discover what has been killing everything in Mr. Dorsey's pond.


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