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Other Characters:

  • Alicia (Death)
  • Java
  • Jensen (Death)


  • Illumination



Synopsis for "And the South Shall Rise Again"Edit

Joshua Turnbull, the great-great-grandson of Quentin Turnbull, is seen riding on horseback at the grave of his ancestor. As the Blackest Night descended over Earth, Joshua is summon back to the ghost town called Illumination, a secret research facility for finding alternate fuel sources, where he bitterly meets Simon Stagg along with Java and the Ray. Stagg have come in bringing a captured Black Lantern Ring that was trapped by the Ray, in which he intends on harnessing the power of the ring. Turnbull, however, is skeptical of Stagg's proclamation given the chaos these rings are currently causing but is otherwise interested in unlocking the ring's secrets. After Stagg decided to leave the facility and the ring contained, the research then turns disasterous as an army of Black Lanterns - all of whom consisting of resurrected Western figures coming from the nearby mass graves surrounding the town - crash through the walls and attack. Turnbull realizes that they have come for the captured ring. The Ray holds off the Black Lanterns and providing Turnbull (the only survivor) to escape with the ring in order to learn and to end the Blackest Night, and to personally redeeming his family's name. Turnbull reaches the surface where he is attacked by a resurrected Jonah Hex. After being shot in the leg by Hex, Turnbull finds himself confronted by his ancestor Quentin Turnbull in which Joshua tries to convince him to help him in ending Hex for all the misery he had caused on their family. However, Turnbull shoots him and telling him that "some things are thicker than blood."


Publication date: January 6, 2010

  • Released over two decades after the last, considered final at the time, issue as part of a Blackest Night tie-in series of resurrected titles.


  • Joshua Turnbull mentions that among the Black Lanterns are those of Jonah Hex's Confederate platoon that were killed at the Fort Charlotte Massacre as seen in Jonah Hex #35 and Weird Western Tales #29.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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