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Quote1 Even faced with the end of the world, he's still the colonel. Quote2
-- Pilgrim

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Synopsis for "Revelation"Edit

Dane and the Wetworks are fighting some creatures from the Night Tribes. After the battle, Wetworks notice that the vampires and monsters they killed herald from different rivaling factions, and fearing that the Tribes may have abandon their animosity and are working together. Dane heads off by himself after receiving a message of a captured vampire officer to check. Void appears to him. She tells him that she needs him to save the world. Dane is teleported to the future where he sees the city of Budapest in ruins while creatures of the supernatural run rampant. Before he could question Void, who has disappeared, Dane fights some of the creatures but they are too much for him.

Suddenly, Pilgrim, Red, Ab-Death, Black Sun and Sister Mary arrive to save Dane. They take him back where he sees Sebastion Ashe and Rachel (Mother One) are also still alive. After learning that Dane came from the past, they describe to him a cataclysmic event that darkened the sky across Asia and allowed the Night Tribes to move freely without fear of the sunlight. Dane volunteers to help lead a mission to rescue some survivors. After the battle, Void appears again and teleports Dane back to present day. Void tells Dane that he must now decide what he and Wetworks can do to stop this future if anything before leaving. After being discover by the other members of his team that were bringing the officer, Dane then talks to his team believing that the Night Tribes may have something to do with Armageddon and must be stop at all cost.

However, Void observes Dane from her unknown realm and laments that it is not the Night Tribes that was responsible for Armageddon. They only took advantage of it. As Void laments, an unseen person ask her if she were "being a bad girl again?"


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