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After Tony Stark created the Iron Man armor, he went ahead and patented the technology, causing a boom in advancement. Unfortunately, it caused many consequences, such as other countries having Iron Man armories and the Sentinels being able to nearly wipe out mutantkind. Non tech-based heroes such as Spider-Man and Dr. Strange retired or moved away. Tony slowly became a recluse, afraid for his life and always hidden away in armor. Magneto decided to attack humanity, and used his magnetic powers against the metal Sentinels. Stark was planning to use the magnetic field of Magneto's to destroy every single piece of technology on the planet and plunge the Earth into a a new Dark Age, but Rhodey convinced him not to. Tony attacked Magneto using his giant Iron Man mecha made completely out of polymers, and nearly killed him. However, Thor convinced him that he could be a hero instead and spare Magneto's life. Hence, a new Avengers team was born.


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