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Whitney Ellsworth

Real Name
Whitney Ellsworth
G. Wayman Jones; C.K.M. Scanlon; Robert Wallace


Job Titles


Date of Birth
November 27, 1908

Date of Death
September 8th, 1980

Place of Birth
New York City, New York, United States of America


First publication


Personal History

Personal History of Whitney Ellsworth is unknown.

Professional History

Frederick "Whitney" Ellsworth (November 27th, 1908 - September 8th, 1980) was born in the borough of Brooklyn. He was a writer and editor for National Periodical Publications (the future DC Comics). He is recognized for his extensive contributions to the Silver Age era of super-hero comic strips as well as the creation of the character Congo Bill. Whitney also served in the capacity of writer and producer for several television projects including the 1954 television series, The Adventures of Superman.


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