I'm not a Daemonite, I'm a WildC.A.T.! We fought on Earth, in the war -
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What war?
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Appearing in "Cat's Cradle"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • WildC.A.T.s Home Team
  • Glingo
  • Lord Vulk


Other Characters:


  • Khera
    • Coincidental Mansioon
  • Earth
    • WildC.A.T.s HQ



Synopsis for "Cat's Cradle"Edit

The WildC.A.T.s trapped on a Kherubim starship in danger of exploding and devastating Earth! With seconds to spare, Lord Emp must remember how to control the systems and direct power away from the detonation and towards the engines! But he is a forgetful old man and everyone dies. The end.

Or at least, that is the nightmare Emp has been having every night on the ship. But this looks to change, because they have received a transmission in Kheran. It sounds like singing, and after a tense few verses, Zealot is able to get through the formalities and allow thm landing. Voodoo wonders aloud how important it was, and is told that with the wrong response, they would have been killed.

Landing, they are greeted with great circumstance. In Kheran, leaving he humans stumped. However, Kheran science has an answer: the language patch, which will release the chemicals needed to make a memory of all Khera's languages. This done, the destroyed Hadrian is given a new body, and he, Emp and Zealot - whose real name, Zannah, has been revealed in the exchange - are led away by important people while the rest are left to slog through customs.

This takes a surpringily short amount of time. They are all rated as between Level Two and Level Five, and are directed across the Plaza of Cascading Lights to Coincidental Mansion, a hotel for visitors. Halfway across the plaza, Maul meets a Titanothrope woman named Glingo who is trying to raise awareness of social injustice agains Titanothropes before being shoved on by the police. It is also halfway across the plaza that they notice that Voodoo is gone. They decide that Voodoo is probably having a good time somewhere, and that she and the Earth will be fine for now.

Voodoo was abstracted from the customs line after her DNA showed Damonite heritage. She is now classed as a Level Six and forced into the Daemonite sector. Her last words to her captors is that she fought in the war against the Daemonites. Her guards' response is, "What war?" Shocked by so many Daemonies, she fights them all but is overpowered and held down by a gang.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Savant's team is trying to convince Ladytron to join them. She knocks out Mister Majestic, and in short otder kills Condition Red and Savant. She finds Tao, who tries to talk her down. She shoots him but it has no effect. Then the television starts taking to her. SIMULATION 17 COMPLETE. RETRY Y/N?

Tao has designed a VR prion which he hopes to use to train Ladytron not to shoot hem. Savant thinks this is good, because in two weeks, they make their first strike against supercrime...


  • This issue is collected in the WildC.A.T.s Homecoming trade.
  • This issue is collected in Alan Moore's Complete WildC.A.T.s trade.


  • The cartoon in the simulation, "MadD.O.G.s: Discreet Operations Group", is a reference to the WildC.A.T.s cartoon playing on television at the time. The fact that its playing back the adventures of the WildC.A.T.s on Khera at the time is probably a joke.

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