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Quote1.png That's why it has to be me. I can't deny it any longer. None of us can. He's gone mad. He has to be put down. At least let it be someone who cares for him. Quote2.png
-- Nemesis

Appearing in "Alamo"

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  • Nemesis Swords


Synopsis for "Alamo"

Ladytron battles dozens of Daemonites as she leads the refugees through Halo Tower. She wires into the building’s defenses and leads the group to a safe room.

Meanwhile in Hawaii, the other Wildcats continue their battle against Majestic. Realizing there’s no other way to stop him, Nemesis reluctantly volunteers to take Majestic down with her swords, the only thing that can hurt Majestic. Nemesis leaps at Majestic and thrusts her sword through his chest. She tells the others they must leave quickly.

At the Halo Building, Lord Defile and Lady Decadence reach the room where Ladytron is held up. But she has a big surprise for them as she emerges having graphed herself to a huge robotic battle suit.

Hovering above an active volcano, Majestic pleads with Nemesis not to finish him off because it will cause her to fall into the volcano. But she claims to still love him and because of what he has become, she is prepared to go down with him. Nemesis stabs him with her other sword and the couple plunges into the fiery lava. Moments later, Majestic emerges from the lava, calling out for Nemesis. When he realizes she’s gone, he becomes enraged.

Ladytron is holding her own against Lord Defile and his Daemonites. But soon Defile and Lady Decadence gain the upper hand and he rips Ladytron from her battle suit. Defile finally reaches his objective: the gateway to the Otherspace which is the source of the Halo batteries.

As Defile prepares to finish off Ladytron, the Wildcats race back to Los Angeles aboard M.I.R.V. But Majestic is right behind them.

Appearing in "Life and Deathblow - Part 1"

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Other Characters:

  • Team-7 (Appears in flashback and main story)


Synopsis for "Life and Deathblow - Part 1"

Deathblow’s grave rests in Manhattan. Suddenly, a hand bursts through the ground and Deathblow rises from his grave. Jackson King walks up to him and welcomes him back to the land of the living. Naturally Deathblow is confused as to why he’s still alive. First off, King explains that he recently became one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet, which is how he knew to be here at this moment. Secondly, he tells Deathblow that when Team 7 was exposed to the Gen-Factor, Deathblow always thought he was the only one not to develop powers. But King tells Deathblow he’s wrong and the power he manifested was the inability to die.


  • Ladytron's battle suit first appeared in Wildcats.

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