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Ah. It's been too long since I slaughtered Daemonites. I've missed the popping sound their flesh makes when I slice it open.
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You're a sick women Zealot. And so hot.
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Appearing in "Cracked Halo"

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Synopsis for "Cracked Halo"

Lord Defile and Lady Decadence prepare to destroy Ladytron. Suddenly, M.I.R.V. crashes through the Halo Building and interrupts their plans. Voodoo orders Jodi to round up the refugees while Grifter and Zealot deal with the remaining Daemonite forces. Spartan tells Warblade to patch the hole in M.I.R.V. Maul reminds Spartan that Majestic is coming and Spartan activates several of his duplicate bodies to intercept Majestic. The rest of the team tries to escape while the duplicates occupy Majestic.

Elsewhere, Defile is still trying to figure out how to destroy Ladytron without detonating her nuclear power core. But before he can do anything else to her, Ladytron's robot friends arrive to rescue her. As Defile rips through one of the robots, Spartan arrives with the other Wildcats. Defile reminds that they are outnumbered by his Daemonite forces. But Spartan has an ace up his sleeve as he deactivates his duplicates.

A perplexed Majestic stops as the Spartan units around him cease fighting. Tired of being toyed with, Majestic flies after the Wildcats but comes face to face with Defile. The two titans lock in combat.

Spartan tells Ladytron to get the survivors to M.I.R.V. Then Spartan asks for Savant's Seven League Boots that allow her to teleport. Spartan intends to access the Otherspace dimension and take both Defile and Majestic into it. Without having Void's power as he once did, Spartan is unsure if her can return. Voodoo tells him she'll be his anchor to this world and they share a kiss as Spartan enters Otherspace.

The Wildcats get the remaining refugees aboard M.I.R.V. while Ladytron and her robot friends jump to the ground. Spartan returns in the middle of Majestic and Defile's battle. He opens a portal to Otherspace that destroys the Halo Building. Defile, Lady Decadence, and Majestic are believed to have been sucked into Otherspace.

Back on M.I.R.V. Spartan teleports in but his body was severely damaged by Otherspace. Maul pulls out the last Spartan body and downloads Spartan to it. Spartan believes that Majestic is probably alive in Otherspace, but it's equally possible that Otherspace could kill Majestic.

But as the Wildcats fly away, an enraged Majestic emerges from the ruins of the Halo Building. At first, he looks as if he might pursue the Wildcats. But then his anger seems to subside and he sits amongst the ruins, staring off into the distance.


  • When Spartan is telling the Wildcats that he's going to enter Otherspace, Voodoo mentions a "Frenchman" who went into Otherspace unprotected and met his demise. She is referring to the character Noir.

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