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Quote1.png You can't kill me. I'm something you can't even conceive of. Quote2.png
-- Tao

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Synopsis for "Returns"

The Wildcats arrive at the Nevada Forest (last seen in Wildcats: World's End #4) and make arrangements with the new mayor of the community to house some of the refugees rescued from the Halo Building. The community is only able to take a portion of the refugees and the Wildcats set off to find a place for the remaining refugees.

Savant wants to take the refugees to Hawaii now that Majestic is gone but the others think Hawaii would be too dangerous for them. But Savant wants to know for sure if Nemesis survived her battle with Majestic or not. In the meantime, Grifter takes the team to meet with the newly reformed Team 7, which is comprised of John Lynch, Marc Slayton, Deathblow, Dane, and Christie Blaze.

Jodi has a tearful reunion with her father. Lynch offers to put the remaining refugees in Internal Operations shelters in exchange for the Wildcats help against Tao. He catches the team up on the current situation. Tao has captured the new Void as well as Providence. Since the Wildcats knew the original Void and Tao himself was once a Wildcat, Lynch hopes the team can help him with some intel on how to beat Tao.

He further explains that Max Faraday is the only one being left that Tao intends to control. But Lynch wants to not only stop Tao, but also use the power Faraday, Void, and Providence wield in order to fix the world. He also reveals that Tao was using this power to control Jackson King and Majestic. With this new information, the Wildcats join Team 7 and head out after Tao.

In Salt Lake City, Tao has set up his base of operations. The Wildcats invade and work their way through Tao's agents. Savant is the first to confront Tao and he easily subdues her. Tao's power is too great for the team and he brushes them aside with ease. Lynch gets the Team 7 members to gather and use their combined power to strike at Tao. As they do, Spartan makes his way to Void. He tells her that the previous Void gave her power to him. As he touches Void, his appearance changes to the silver lined suit of his former identity, Jack Marlowe.


  • Jodi's apology to her father referring over "stealing access codes", reference to the events in Wildstorm: Revelations #4.
  • John Lynch's statement of being shot by a mind-controlled Grifter happens in the Sleeper prequel Point Blank.

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