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Synopsis for "In Max We Trust"

Spartan has Void's powers once again. Tao mocks him for his decision to appear as Jack Marlowe again. As the two engage in battle, the rest of Team 7 and the Wildcats are caught in a backlash of reality distortion which affects them all in various negative ways. As Spartan knocks down Tao with burst of power, the others are returned to their normal state. Angered, Tao rushes over to Providence and takes the remainder of her power into himself.

Void tells the others she withheld a little of her power from Spartan in case he needed help but is willing to relinquish all of it if he needs it. Lynch tells her to hold off on that because he has a plan.

Tao tries to mess with Spartan by having representations of himself appear and attack him. He defeats them by telling Tao while Spartan may have lacked confidence, Jack Marlowe does not. Tao continues his manipulations by getting Spartan to feel guilty about not stopping Armageddon.

Void gives the remainder of her power to Providence and Savant teleports Providence behind Tao. She uses her power to hold him while the others prepare to escape. Spartan refuses to leave Providence behind but Void tells him they cannot with this fight and must regroup. Providence knew the plan and accepted her fate.

After Team 7 and the Wildcats teleport away, Tao tells Providence her sacrifice was in vain. He planned to let them go all along so he could follow them. And now that he has all her power, he has no further use for her. Then he kills Providence.

Discouraged, Team 7 and the Wildcats discuss their next move. Jodi asks why Spartan can't use Void's powers to reboot reality like she's done once before. Void tells them that she was only able to do that with the help of a being from a parallel universe. Lynch argues that even if they could do it, Tao has enough power to stop the reboot because he's still more powerful than Spartan. Lynch tells Spartan that with Void's power he can find where Max Faraday is hiding. Max has powers just like Void and that's why Tao wants him.

Spartan teleports both teams into a realm that Max has created to hide in. It is a never-ending ocean side honeymoon where Max, his wife Susannah, his sister Jenny, and his best friend/brother-in-law Devan can live peacefully forever. Max reveals to them that he knows what happened with the Reapers (see Number of the Beast #8) but says that even he wouldn't have been able to stop them all. He also knows that Tao is looking for him but he was hoping that someone else would take care of Tao before it came to that.

But then Christie Blaze steps in and tells them that since she's kept alive by the same power that Max has, she knows he didn't just stand by and do nothing when Armageddon hit. Max says that they don't understand how many people are in the world and how hard it would have been to save them all. Max teleports them all elsewhere and shows them that he saved the city of St. Louis along with dozens of people.

Meanwhile, Tao observes all of this and decides something must be done about it.


  • The "being from a parallel universe" that Void refers to is Captain Atom, who was partly responsible for the reboot of the Wildstorm Universe during the events of Captain Atom: Armageddon.

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