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Quote1.png Checkmate, Mr. Faraday. Or, in terms you might understand, "epic fail." Quote2.png
-- Tao

Appearing in "Family Meeting"

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  • Nemesis Swords

Synopsis for "Family Meeting"

Zealot and Savant stand before Majestic in Hawaii asking for his help. But he blames them for Nemesis' apparent death. Savant tells Majestic that he's become the way he is because of Tao. Majestic becomes enraged by this and demands to know where Tao is.

On Max Faraday's Island in the South Pacific, the combined forces of Max Faraday, Team 7, and the Wildcats continue to battle Tao and his forces. Tao takes out Spartan and Max by making them feel each others failure to save the planet. But as Tao prepares to finish them off, Majestic arrives and uses Nemesis' blades to cut off Tao's hands. As Tao's hands reconnect to his body, he's surprised that in his current god-like forms something as simple as swords could harm him. Majestic tells Tao that Nemesis' swords are made from the Creation Engine and can cut through anything, even what he has become. Then Majestic stabs Tao through the heart with the blades. With their leader defeated, Tao's forces fall easily.

But even kneeling at the heroes' feet, Tao still believes he can win. Pit Bull has captured Max's wife, Susanna. Tao's power is enough to protect Pit Bull from Max's power so Max agrees to what Tao wants in exchange for Susanna. Majestic prepares to kill Tao but Max stops him by blinding him. Max tells Spartan to back off as well. Spartan gives consent.

Max removes the blades from Tao and demands he let Susanna go. But Tao won't until Max tells Tao the Creation Equation, the very thing that gave Max his powers. Majestic pleads with Max not to do it because Tao will kill everyone once he has the equation. Max decides to give it to Tao anyway and whispers it into Tao's ear. Suddenly, Tao erupts into a wave of power as the heroes watch helplessly.

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