Quote1 It's so... simple. I'm almost angry with myself, I should have solved the Creation Equation on my own ages ago. Still, better late than never. Thank you for sharing with me, Max. It all makes sense now. I can see the blueprints of the universe. AND I CAN RIP THEM TO SHREDS! Quote2
-- Tao

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Max Faraday has given the Creation Equation to Tao in order to save his wife Susanna. Now that he knows the equation, Tao intends to rearrange the universe, starting with wiping the heroes from existence. But Tao finds that he can't and Ladytron reveals that when Max whispered the equation to Tao, she heard it and beamed it into the ears of all the heroes. Now they ALL know the Creation Equation and have power comparable to Tao's.

Tao teleports them all to the Hollow Realm where he separates all the heroes. He makes them each face their weaknesses in order to keep them occupied. But Void is able to stay out of Tao's influence as she sees him torment the others. As Void observes Tao's method of torture for each hero, she discovers a pattern. Tao appears to strike more harshly at those who've experienced love and uses that against them. While others he digs deep into their past bringing to the surface horrible memories that Tao makes them re-live.

Void struggles to figure out what the pattern is and why it's love and family that Tao seems to despise the most as he attacks the others. Just then, Susanna Faraday shows up, revealing that she's got a portion of Max's power, enough to stay away from Tao as Void is currently doing.

They find Max, Spartan, and Tao battling at the center of the Hollow Realm. They are the only three who understand that whoever controls the Hollow Realm truly controls the power of creation. But Tao still threatens to overpower them as Void and Susanna enact a plan to help.

They enter Majestic's mind and see how Tao's life began: He was just a lab experiment, the Tactically Augmented Organism. He had no family and was never loved. Susanna refuses to believe it's that simple but then realizes something as her and Void head back to where Tao, Spartan, and Max are fighting.

Tao finally beats Max and Spartan. They end up back on the beach where the conflict began. Tao takes the last of the Void energy from Spartan. Susanna and Void show up and he prepares to take the last of the power from them as well. But the two women tell Tao that they know what he is and just as he intends to tear down their world, they're about to tear down his.


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