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Appearing in "The Truth Hurts"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tao (Apparent Death)

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Truth Hurts"

Tao has the upper hand. He makes Team 7 and the Wildcats writhe in pain for his own amusement. Susanna and Void try a different strategy against Tao as they try to make him see his human flaws which still exist despite his new godhood. Spartan tells Tao that the very power of the Creation Equation will eventually "fix" him because his use of it for chaos and destruction go against everything the Creation Equation exists for.

Tao still fights it but eventually does relinquish some of his power. But he keeps enough to still be more powerful than all of the heroes. Grifter takes advantage of Tao's monologuing and shoots him in the head. Tao disappears and they all expect for him to reappear, but he doesn't. Void explains that he really did relinquish some of his power because she has hers back, as does Max. She also explains that whatever power Tao had will probably be used up to repair the damage Grifter caused him.

Unfortunately, without Providence and with Max at a lower power level now, Void says that they don't have enough power to fix the world. Max asks Void to accompany him to The Hollow Realm with the survivors because he'll need her help to keep them safe there. Max, who have regained his faith on superhumans after what everyone had done to stop Tao, then charges the rest of the heroes with fixing the world. And when all is done, they can take the survivors out of The Hollow Realm and back to Earth. Before he leaves, Max bestows all of the heroes with new costumes.

Spartan rallies the heroes to prepare to rebuild the Earth.


  • This issue is Christos Gage's final run on the Wildcats.
  • Grifter's pointblank shot on Tao is an ironic, echoing reference to the events of Point Blank in which Grifter was tasked to kill Tao. But failed to do so until this very issue.
  • Max Faraday's gifting to the Wildcats with new costumes are similar to their 1990s attires, which Maul pointed out, but with slight adjustments.

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