Quote1 This is what you get when you mess with Earth. You get spanked and you don't get to come back. Ever. Quote2
-- Redeemer

Appearing in "Red Blade (Part 3 of 3): Red Reign"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sebastian
  • Phobos (Death)
  • Deimos (Death)
  • Sabre (Death)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Red Blade (Part 3 of 3): Red Reign"Edit

Voodoo is in the Garden of Ancestral Memory pleading with the past Doctors to tell her who the current Doctor is since Habib bin Hassan went insane. But the past Doctors tell her that the Earth chooses the replacement and they have been unable to find him.

Back on Earth, Sebastian is about to finish off Spartan but Fuji and Black Halo step in to help. Spartan contacts Link and tells him to teleport Apollo (who was knocked to a cloud-covered Wales last issue) to the North Pole so he can recharge and help the others fighitng there. A mysterious cloaked woman finds Majestic (who had his throat stabbed by Sebastian) and says she's taking him to his old home where she'll help him.

At the North Pole, Zealot rallies the others together even though she realizes the odds are stacked against them. Midnighter tells her they can handle it and then Apollo arrives and begins taking out the Terra-forming device.

Spartan gets Link to teleport Redeemer, Disperse, Dingo, H.E.R.B. and Geek to him. He tells them he has a mission for them but it could be suicide.

Voodoo returns from the Garden to find Grunge holding off the cannibals that attacked him while she was gone. They start heading back to Spartan and the others and they drag the dead Doctor along with them.

Meanwhile, the team at the South Pole gains the upper hand.

Redeemer, Disperse, Dingo, H.E.R.B. and Geek have infiltrated The Red Blade. They take the bridge and use it's teleporter to make the fragments of the Terra-forming machines appear within the ship which begins tearing it apart. Enraged, Sebastian flies into The Red Blade and quickly takes out Disperse, Dingo, H.E.R.B. and Geek as Link watches in horror. Redeemer is able to pin down Sebastian while Link opens several Doors beneath the ship. Redeemer makes sure that he keeps Sebastian and himself on the ship as it crashes into all the Shift-Doors simultaneously and disappears into The Bleed.

With the threat of The Red Blade gone, the heroes gather and count their casualties. They take a moment to remember those who fell and prepare for the next step in rebuilding the world.



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