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Quote1.png Eddie. It's time for you to stop denying your own intelligence. Your planet needs you. It's time to step up. It's time to grow up. And get to work. Quote2.png
-- Spartan

Appearing in "Foundations"

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  • The New Wildcore
  • Pike
  • Kid Backlash
  • Crimson II



  • Kheran blades

Synopsis for "Foundations"

The heroes have gathered on Skywatch III, Stormwatch's former base of operations. Many heroes are actually on the station while many others are back on the planet. Spartan begins laying out a plan to help the survivors of Earth by uniting them. But Zealot disagrees with him and says they should organize the remaining humans into a defense force. Zealot leaves in frustration and Maul goes with her. Before Zealot leaves, Midnighter tells her not to interfere with whatever Spartan has planned. She tells him she'll do as she pleases and as she and Maul teleport away, Midnighter sees the coordinates of where they're headed.

Spartan says that the magical forces on Earth have been affected as well and that several magic users have tried and failed to reset the timeline which has created several anomalies (Mago mentions everyone's costume changes being one effect). Spartan says that the Earth's current Doctor must be located. Spartan wants to send a team but Jackson King elects to go alone. But Winter questions Jackson's ability to be on his own since he was able to be controlled in the past by Tao. So, Spartan picks Ladytron to go with him since she can't be controlled like that.

As Spartan continues to assign tasks around the world, John Lynch and Marc Slayton discuss what to do. When Spartan mentions that Gen 13 discovered thousands of Internal Operations bunkers, Lynch discreetly tells the other members of Team 7 that this is their cue to round everyone up. This includes himself, Slayton, Dane, Christie Blaze, and Stephen Callahan. Hellstrike questions Spartan about his decision to send Dingo, Redeemer, Disperse, Geek and H.E.R.B. on a suicide mission on the Knights of Khera's Red Blade. Spartan explains it was the only way he saw that could take down the Red Blade and he does not regret the decision.

Meanwhile, at Majestic's secret headquarters within Mount Rushmore, his secret savior is revealed to be Nemesis. She's determined to nurse him back to health.

As Spartan finishes his meeting with all the heroes, Lynch tells him that he and Team 7 are leaving. When Spartan asks Lynch why he tells Spartan it's because they can. Spartan bids them farewell. He assigns Grunge as his second in command and he tells Grunge to find a way to track Team 7 because he doesn't trust them. Grunge is reluctant because Lynch mentored him and the other Gen 13 kids once. Furthermore, he questions Spartan whether or not he's the right guy for the job. Spartan tells Grunge to stop denying his own intelligence and to grow up because his planet needs him.


  • It is confirmed by Spartan that there are approximately 650 million people left alive on Earth since the events of Number of the Beast.
  • This is the first issue to show Stephen Callahan since Worldstorm.

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