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Quote1.png I HAD MY JOB! I HAD PEOPLE TO HELP! I COULD FUNCTION! AND THEN YOU...YOU HAD TO GIVE ME JUST A LITTLE BIT OF HOPE! It's so easy for you... you people...with your powers, and your miracles...you'll just be cloned...or reborn...or...or whatever...you never really die, so you think no one else really does either...but they do...and so many times it's because of you...How dare you give us hope...? Quote2.png
-- Luisa Biondi

Appearing in "Desert Storms"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Warguard


Synopsis for "Desert Storms"

Warblade and nurse Luisa Biondi arrive in what used to be Phoenix, Arizona as they look for her family.

At Majestic's hidden Mt. Rushomore base, Nemesis informs a still paralytic Majestic that she's pregnant with his child. But then she tells him that he's in no condition to be a father so she's going to seek out the one who rescued her form the volcano. She leaves and Majestic begins to lift his hand.

In Egypt's Abu Simbel temples, Savant has been asked by Spartan to reform her Savant Garde team in order to track down any relics that could be used as power sources. She has former Savant Garde member Sheba with her and Seafarer of The Paladins. But suddenly a magical geyser erupts (like the one seen in Salem). From Skywatch III, Spartan sees it and tells them to back off because a team is already on its way to deal with it. In a Skywatch Lab, Hellstrike and Fuji are still trying to figure out Fuji's new powers when Winter arrives and tells them Spartan wants all the heavy-hitters in Egypt A.S.A.P.

Aeon, Ladytron, Jackson King, Sir Edwin, Voodoo and Mago arrive in Egypt at the magical geyser. They are disturbed that Aeon did not teleport Team Achilles with them as well but Aeon says he did not need them. Sheba mentions that Aeon smells familiar to her. Aeon gives them all orders but they begin to question his true motives. Sir Edwin tells Voodoo to get them to the Garden of Ancestral Memory quickly but Aeon becomes infuriate that they won't help him and begins to take power from each of them. Just then, Winter, Fuji, Hellstrike, Black Halo, and Apollo arrive. They see what Aeon is doing but before they can do anything, Aeon attacks them too.

Warblade and Luisa reach the shelter where her family was supposed to go to if anything happened. They find everyone dead inside and Luisa lashes out at Warblade for giving her hope and making her come down to Earth and look for them.

In Langley, Virginia, John Lynch and Team 7 have entered Alpha Bunker and plan to unleash the Warguard.

Aeon finishes absorbing all of the heroes power and then proceeds to absorb the magical geyser too. Then he begins to reveal his face as he unleashes Gaia claiming he's going to save this universe by destroying this world.


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