Quote1.png Ah, bollocks. All yer doin' is givin' up the Earth to whatever you say is comin' without a fight...AN' THAT AINT HOW WE DO IT DOWN HERE! Quote2.png
-- Hellstrike

Appearing in "Bad Medicine (Part 2 of 4): Firebreak"Edit

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Synopsis for "Bad Medicine (Part 2 of 4): Firebreak"Edit

Ladytron has arrived with her new robot friends and they engage Gaia in battle. Jackson King and the others continue to fight Gaia's spawns while Fuji and Hellstrike follow Jeremiah Cain to the Earth's core. King calls to Skywatch III for backup but Link tells him that all of Earth's heroes are fighting similar threats around the world. King, acknowledging Cain's warning of a threat that is coming to Earth, communicate Link in sensing outside of space. Link reports that there is something at the very edge of Skywatch's scanning range and it is not moving fast enough to approach Earth to be considered an immediate threat. The Troika shows up to mix in with the fray but Gaia's minions make short work of them.

Meanwhile, in the Garden of Ancestral Memory, Voodoo and Sir Edwin watch helplessly as the Garden dies all around them. Voodoo notice that the past Doctors are nowhere to be seen and questions Sir Edwin about this, which he answers that they are still present in the Garden and surmised that the Doctors would be likely at "The Wellspring" which is the center of the Garden and where all of the planet's spiritual energies emanates. Both Voodoo and Sir Edwin then trek to the Wellspring to find the past Doctors.

Hellstrike and Fuji catch up with Cain at Earth's core but are unable to stop him. But Spartan arrives fully repaired and is able to subdue Cain. But Cain doesn't stay down long and is able to fight them off. He then starts his spell which causes the Earth to quake as heroes around the globe feel it. Mago finally arrives to challenge Cain and they begin their battle. Cain is convinced what he's doing will actually save the Earth instead of destroying it. But Mago doesn't believe his old pupil as he express his guilt for failing to train him to become the sorcerer he is now. He then magically sever Cain's connection to Gaia which greatly infuriates Cain; he criticize Mago that he only release a still insane Gaia to run wild and destroy the Earth on her own accord and that without her, he wouldn't be able to face the great threat that is coming to the planet and blames his mentor for dooming the universe.

In the Garden of Ancestral Memory, Voodoo and Sir Edwin finally locate the past Doctors, who have congregated around the Wellspring. But all the past Doctors seem to be incapacitated save for one...Jeroen Thornedike.



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