Quote1 Good to have you back Hadrian. Tell me you've got some ideas for how to deal with a mentally imbalanced six-year-old embodying the global ecology. Quote2
-- Jackson King

Appearing in "Bad Medicine (Part 3 of 4): Change"Edit

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Synopsis for "Bad Medicine (Part 3 of 4): Change"Edit

Voodoo tries to help Jeroen Thorndike return to his senses and recognize the danger unfolding on Earth. She tries to slap him out of his stupor. Sir Edwin is surprised at seeing her physically hit Thorndike given the fact she shouldn't be able to touch him at all, as Thorndike has no corporeal form. Edwin suspects that Voodoo's magical connection to be the cause of this and possibly a way to revive all of the Doctors of the Garden. However, he points out to her that by doing so she would deplete so much of her energies that she would either remain trapped in the Garden forever or die.

Mago and Jeremiah Cain continue their heated battle. Cain fiercely berates his former master, telling him that all he’s ever done is try to save existence at the cost of Earth's destruction. As he prepares to unleash his full powers to kill Mago, Cain fails to protect his back as Fuji, Hellstrike, and Spartan blast him from behind, leaving whats left of Cain a charred skeleton; how­ever, the fight against Gaia continues. Back in the Garden of Ancestral Memory, Voodoo decides to go ahead and revive the Doctors and channels her magic into each of them.

Elsewhere, Majestic is able to move again, but is still so weak he’s unable fly. He begins to follow after Nemesis and looking for a way to pay back those responsible for controlling her. Christine Blaze conducts a tractography on Lynch and shows him and the rest of Team-7 that Tao had tampered with his brain to make him release the Warguard. This makes Dane wonder if Tao has other dangerous plans for Lynch aside from unleashing the Warguard. Lynch plans on literally taking his brain apart in order to know the full extension of Tao's intentions. In Africa, Winter saves the traumatized Troika whom they then unanimously agreed to move to Antarctica to avoid the present conflict.

On Skywatch, Link uses deep space scans to determine that something is approaching earth and Grunge finds a way to use their space vacuum's radiation to combat Gaia's effects by stabilizing Earth's orbit. Spartan and the others return to the surface, in which Spartan asks Battalion to use his telepathy to communicate with Gaia. Battalion is very reluctant to do this as entering Gaia's mind would be too risky and fears he might push her over the edge. However, he is otherwise convinced by Spartan as it is Earth's urgent time that needs him. King enters Gaia's mind and is shocked to discover how much trauma she has endured. He also finds out that Gaia feels great guilt because she believes she's killed everyone she's ever loved. As King tries to calm Gaia, the heroes are still having a difficult time struggling with Gaia while simultaneously protecting King from any interruptions. During the chaos, Spartan notices that Voodoo is missing and desperately tries to find her. Apollo calms him down and tells him to focus more on the larger situation. Suddenly, they are then surprised at the arrival of Jeroen Thorndike and the Doctors who offer their assistance.


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