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Quote1.png My name is Eddie Chang. Some people call me Grunge, some people know me as part of a group of teen superheroes called Gen13, some know me as second-in-command of a group of heroes called Wildcats. Some people know me as party-boy lunkhead, which is what I kind of wanted them to think, because it made my life easier. I didn't have to work hard to match how smart I knew I really was. But when it comes down to it, I'm just a person, like all the others on this team, doing his best. We've come a long way these last couple months, taking the first few steps to get our planet back on its feet. Luckily, for whatever reason since that whole Aeon/Gaia thing, no world-shattering menaces had popped up, so we've had time to start putting into action the plans Spartan and I have come up with. I've even had a little time to connect with my old Gen13 buds. But it's just the very beginning of the front end of a start. Destroyers, conquerors, invaders and nutbars won't leave us alone forever, and there's still so much work to be done. Relationships to claim. Other to grow. Others to change. Cities to rebuild. Survivors to mend. Land to heal. Bad guys to fight. Memories to preserve. Loved ones to mourn. Old friends to bring back into our circle. Mysteries to solve. Prophecies of menaces from beyond to prepare for. Quests to complete. But we'll never stop trying to get it all done, to take care of everything, to see that it all works out. Because this is our job. This is our life. This is our universe. And it all goes on forever. Quote2.png
-- Grunge

Appearing in "Bad Medicine (Part 4 of 4): In Practice"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Doctors


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Synopsis for "Bad Medicine (Part 4 of 4): In Practice"

The past Doctors have returned with Jeroen Thorndike leading them. They attempt to reach Battalion who appears to be trapped in Gaia's mind now. They are unable to do it under their own power so they teleport all the remaining heroes to them. They then combine all the heroes' life energy with their spiritual energy to break through into Gaia's mind. Once inside, Jeroen finds Battalion and tries to help him get through to Gaia, but they still can't.

Outside, Jack Hawksmoor and the other heroes arrive through a Door, and they've brought the Earth's new Doctor with them: Swift! She enters Gaia's mind and finds Jeroen and Battalion. She tells Gaia that she's forgiven for all that she's done and that she needs time to heal. Jeroen then takes Gaia to the newly restored Garden of Ancestral Memory.

Gaia's giant sand monster manifestation destroys itself. Many of the heroes are reunited, including Voodoo who has survived from revitalizing the Doctors, but the trouble is not over yet. Link calculates that the Earth was too damaged by the battle with Gaia and is still in danger of falling apart. The Engineer asks Fuji for the piece of her back that she gave him. He willingly gives it and the Engineer asks him to let the nanites drip into the Earth's core to reinforce it and make it stronger than before.

Months later, Grunge is sitting at his computer musing about everything that's happened. He's thinking about all the work still ahead of the heroes and everyone else to rebuild the Earth. But he's thankful that they've not had any major threats pop up and so have had plenty of time to work on rebuilding the planet. He knows that it will take time but this is their universe and it goes on forever.


  • There is a tombstone in the graveyard scene during Grunge's epilogue which bears the epitaph "William D. Storm (1992-2010 R.I.P.)". It is a reference to Wildstorm's end of its imprint in 2010 since its launch in 1992.
  • The issue ends with a farewell note from WildStorm Productions in regarding to the end of their banner: "Thanks to all the very talented creators who have contributed to our very special universe these past 18 years. But most of all, thanks to you, our loyal and dedicated readers."


  • Hellstrike is seen salvaging a sign from Clark's Bar, an establishment for super beings.

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