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Quote1 As subsidiaries of Halo, you will soon be directing all of your resources towards one primary goal...Halo's conquest of the free world. Figuratively speaking, of course. Quote2
-- Jack Marlowe

Appearing in "Brand Building"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Edwin Dolby (First appearance)
  • Sam Garfield (First appearance)
  • Agent Gersh


  • Truong Chi Linh

Other Characters:

  • Agent Downs (First appearance)



  • Halo Battery


Synopsis for "Brand Building"Edit

Jack Marlowe begins his plans to bring the Halo Corporation to benefit the world with the introduction of the corporation's everlasting Halo Batteries. In his first step, Marlowe has purchase several media consulting firms as subsidiaries of Halo to broadcast Halo battery commercials; and as having bought an accounting firm represented by Sam Garfield and Edwin Dolby.

Meanwhile, Grifter is sent on a black ops in Vietnam by Marlowe in liberating a child labor factory that was producing branded shoes and left the freed children in expressing their vengeance on the owner of the factory Truong Chi Linh.

In Washington, D.C. Agent Wax returns to the National Park Service following his state of absence in the wake of his encounter with Samuel Smith and the members of the Wildcats. However, his new boss, Agent Downs, doesn't have a positive view on Wax and have him demoted to desk work and is forbidden from doing field work for awhile. Wax also secretly works for Marlowe and is in liaison with Grifter, in which Wax informs him that they are ordered by Marlowe to locate a FBI agent who was missing in action which this was keep quiet by the government. Wax doesn't know why Marlowe is interest in this agent, but knows that the data he access at the Park Service shows that there was a leak and realize that this information will fall into the wrong hands, in which he and Grifter needs to find the agent before someone else does.

In the Florida Keys, C.C. Rendozzo meets with a Mr. Carver of the American intelligence community, who sells the information on the missing FBI agent and a tracking chip that will lead her to him. After purchasing the information from Carver, C.C. points her gun at him and states that she has cut a deal with his superiors who knows about Carver's illegal activity and is being paid for his bounty. She then kills Carver and looks over the CD she was given by Carver which reveals as a lead to her bargaining chip.


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