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Quote1 RPO-X Thermobaric Napalm Thrower. Never leave home without it. Quote2
-- Cole Cash

Appearing in "Something Strange About the Way Reality Shrugged"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Grand Sarin

Other Characters:

  • Miriam Downs
  • Fagin Tyro
  • Donovan "Donny" Tyro
  • Senator Basil Hazeltine



  • RPO-X Thermobaric Napalm Thrower


  • Halo Battery
  • Halo Panda
  • Halo Predator
  • Halo Prestige

Synopsis for "Something Strange About the Way Reality Shrugged"Edit

Still posing as Agent Downs, Wax visit Miriam Downs, who has survive her gunshot wound, at the Bethesda Medical Center. Miriam doesn't remember anything from her shooting due to suffering a memory lapse as Wax shows his affections for her. As Wax leaves the hospital, he overhears two men from the FBI talking about Fagin Tyro, who is reveal to be alive and slowly recuperating from his ordeal with Edwin Dolby beneath the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dolby has been suffering dreams of him relishing in killing people. He is awaken by Jack Marlowe and are at a car manufacturing plant, processing Halo brand cars on the assembly lines. Also, Marlowe has been keenly interested in having Halo being involved in online marketing through Halonet, believing that the network culture would greatly influence the way to the future.

In Florida, C.C. Rendozzo is calling Cole Cash in bringing Ramon back due to their standard agreement. However, Cole still needs him. After cutting off Cole, C.C. is still having a difficult time with Donovan, who has been making several escape attempts.

In L.A., Cole has been integrated in controlling Ladytron's body while Maxine's memories and personality are tucked away inside Halo's mainframe.

The Coda are growing tired of Zealot's success against their sisterhood. They decide to send their best assassin, the Grand Sarin, in eliminating Zealot for good.

In Washington, Republican Senator Basil Hazeltine and the Secretary of Energy discuss over Marlowe and Halo in which they see them as a threat to society's dependence on hydrocarbon energy, and as well fearing of Halo brand being a monocultural nightmare. Both Hazeltine and the Secretary of Energy shared their concerns with the President and placing Marlowe and Halo as a threat to America's interests. The President understands their pressing concerns, but shares his troubling focus on Marlowe's altruistic agenda and the matter of why he is doing it.


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