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Appearing in "Old, New, Borrowed, Blue"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jack Marlowe
  • Agent Herman Mohr (Appears in flashback and main story)
  • Agent Addison
  • Agent Chandler


Other Characters:


  • Bethesda



Synopsis for "Old, New, Borrowed, Blue"Edit

Agent Wax had for an unprecedented time living Agent Downs's life and efficiently improving the National Park Service. Wax is soon confronted by Jack Marlowe, who presses his concerns over Wax's deceptions. Wax admits to Marlowe for killing his former superior and explains that it is complicate. Marlowe remind him that they had made an agreement and the reason he came was to ascertain how committed Wax really is...

Three years ago, Wax meets with his newly appointed partner junior agent Herman Mohr. Twenty-eight months ago, Wax and Mohr began their investigation on Samuel Smith, in which Wax decides not to inform Agent Downs. Two years ago, Wax is teleported by Marlowe to the Halo Corporation where he is held at gunpoint by Cole Cash before being reunite with Marlowe. Marlowe offers Wax to use his talents in working for Halo following his search for Smith which had led to Mohr's death. In order to convince Wax, Marlowe teleport him and himself inside a NASA scientific research station, lecturing Wax that humanity has been leading into a path of disunity and distrust in which he demonstrate this station being used by the U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on China. To demonstrate his point, Marlowe shows Wax a view of the Earth which show that the planet is all just one world without the political boundaries made by man. Wax, however, sees Marlowe's noble outlook naive but Marlowe convince him otherwise that one man's naivety is another man's optimism, and offers Wax an opportunity: a chance to contribute something larger than himself.

In the present, Marlowe decide not to judge Wax too harshly for his actions and takes this as a certain advantage for Halo with Wax's usurped position; furthermore, considering it as the beginning of a more intimate alliance between Halo and the National Park Service

Meanwhile in Athens, Agents Addison and Chandler plans to arrange their hit on the Coda. This is being overheard through Agent Orange by Cole Cash in Ladytron's body.



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