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Appearing in "The Archduke is Dead"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Beef Boys
  • Cedric
  • Glenn


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Archduke is Dead"Edit

Agent Wax (disguising as Agent Downs) is at the middle of a conference meeting at the National Park Service. As the conference comes to a close, he and everyone is given a notice that the organization receives an emergency action memo from the Pentagon in which the Service is put on high alert, as they are going to be called upon to contribute to the execution of a covert act that their government has no interest in taking credit for. Even the Service has no knowledge of what this is. According to the given procedure, the Service will receive a phone call from a "Martin Bravo" awaiting the go order in which on the other end the Service will give the password, "Tempest Green", and the requirement is fulfilled. The Service members are uncomfortable about this, but are given no choice given their covert status demands their cooperation.

Meanwhile, Grifter and his newly formed rescue team are in Greece raiding several Coda outposts for Zealot's whereabouts and stopping several attempted assassinations. Zealot is tortured by the Coda and brought before the Majestrix, Andromache, who informs Zealot that the sisterhood is already aware about Grifter and his would-be-rescuers, who are making their way to the Coda's sanctuary. Andromache states that the more experienced Coda will be prepare to eliminating them.

Back in the states, Wax receives the call from Martin Bravo and executing the password. In which Wax is then guilt-ridden for giving out that call.

In Decatur, Illinois, it is reveal that the password is an execution protocol which activates an unnamed assassin and proceeds to kill some kids inside an arcade for seeing his face.


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