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Quote1 I'll bet I know what you're're thinking "If I point a gun at this crippled prick's head, he'll back off and I can go back to my boring little life." Sorry. It doesn't work that way. I'm in a jam and you're my quickest way out of it. Quote2
-- Cole Cash

Appearing in "Full Disclosure"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Sam Garfield


  • Special Agent Fagin Tyro

Other Characters:

  • Donovan "Donny" Tyro


  • Florida Keys



Synopsis for "Full Disclosure"Edit

Held at gunpoint by Dolby, Cole reasons to him that he won't shoot him as it won't resolve things in the end and only wants his help in which he continues to goad Dolby. At this moment, Dolby pulls the trigger which reveals he has used up his bullets, in which Cole knows and is "impressed".

Agent Wax teleports to C.C. Rendozzo's home at the middle of the night where he acknowledge to C.C. that Jack Marlowe has agreed in commencing the retrieval op. It reveals that the operation is to be the rescue of C.C.'s son Donovan from his biological father, Special Agent Fagin Tyro, who has since been raising his adolescent son into becoming a dedicated government operative.

Cole takes Dolby to a near-empty bar where he divulge the total background of himself, Marlowe, and their integral history with the WildC.A.T.s. Marlowe then appears before them and is not please with Cole's handling and tells Dolby that he can put his trust him by not having this given knowledge overrun his job performance before vanishing. Thereafter Cole begins training Dolby in using his full potential into becoming a substitute for Cole in order for him to be a part of the retrieval op.

At the Halo Building, Cole confides with Marlowe of Dolby's progress. Marlowe doesn't shows confidence in Dolby's training as he sees this as part of Cole's ego to prove himself over his paralysis. Cole erupts into an argument with Marlowe, asking him why not bother using 'grunt work' while having to use his powers to rescue C.C.'s son. Marlowe reply that it would be disingenuous. Cole then tells Marlowe just to give him a chance with Dolby. Marlowe gives his consent and forewarns Cole to be precarious of what he is doing.


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