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The Wildebeest Society was a criminal cartel who conducted various underhanded affairs for financial gain. Although the Society was made up of many members, only one Wildebeest ever operated publicly, giving the illusion that all of their crimes were being committed by a single individual. In time, the Wildebeest Society fell under the sway of the former New Titan, Jericho, who himself, had been possessed by all of the disparate souls of Azarath. The corrupted Jericho took control of the Wildebeest Society and staged an elaborate "Titans Hunt" in order to acquire host bodies to contain the souls of Azarath. At the conclusion of this affair, the Wildebeest Society was destroyed and Jericho was killed at the hands of his own father, the Terminator.[1]

From this travesty however, one legacy of the Wildebeest Society survived. An embryo, locked inside of an incubation tube on Azarath, was brought back to Earth, where it eventually became a genetically altered Baby Wildebeest. Another survivor of the Society's actions, Pantha, was tasked with carrying for the young Baby Wildebeest. Although the two remained with the Titans for quite some time, both Pantha and Baby Wildebeest were brutally murdered by the psychopath Superboy Prime.[2]

More recently, Project M unveiled a new Cyborg Wildebeest, created by Elias Orr and used in an effort to sanction the Titans member known as Victor Stone.[3]


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