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Quote1.png Not words, just a cascade of overwhelming emotions coursing through her systems... She's mostly sad... so very sad... Quote2.png
-- The Engineer

Appearing in "Bleeding Hearts; or, I Fight The Authority and The Authority Always Wins"Edit

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Synopsis for "Bleeding Hearts; or, I Fight The Authority and The Authority Always Wins"Edit

Savant, Jodi, and Nemesis have infiltrated The Carrier and The Authority members are not happy about it. Jenny Quantum leaves after she perceives that the girls pose no threat and leaves the rest of the The Authority members to deal with the situation. Savant desperately tries to hurry and access The Carrier's datebase while Jodi and Nemesis try to hold off The Authority.

To buy Savant more time, Nemesis telepathically tells The Carrier about the future she saw. This causes The Carrier to cut itself off from The Authority and their ability to summon doors. Jodi takes on Swift and keeps her occupied. Barely able to fend off The Midnighter, Nemesis finally uses her sword to cut a hole in the wall of The Carrier. As The Authority scramble to fix what Nemesis did, she's teleported away by Savant who successfully downloaded the information they needed. With the girls gone, The Authority members are dumbfounded as to how the trio got in and out. The Engineer tries to communicate with The Carrier but cannot and describes the ship as being 'sad'.

Afterward, Nemesis pays Majestic a social call which is designed as a distraction so Savant can raid his databases in Mount Rush More as well. Majesitc reveals he allowed it only because Nemesis is involved. The next stop for the girls is the small town of Tranquility.


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