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Quote1 You deserve to be hated and feared -- you're a killer -- forever and ever. Amen. Quote2
-- William Stryker  
Stryker Ultimate X-Men

Human form

William Stryker was a reverend living in Manhattan with his wife Kate and son John. Stryker suffered a great tragedy when his family was killed when the "Ultimatum Wave" struck New York. William miraculously survived, but could not come to grips with his grief. He attempted to lead a spiritual congregation of survivors at a special tent set up in Central Park, but was unable to successfully conduct his service. Stryker met a group of men who knew that the mutant Magneto was responsible for the Ultimatum Wave and encouraged his rapidly-growing hatred of all mutants. They provided him with armaments and weaponry acquired from a cache of destroyed Sentinels and Stryker became the leader of an anti-mutant militia.

When he orchestrated a massive attack in Times Square, the X-Men appeared and the Shroud killed him by phasing her arm through his abdomen. With his last breath, he manipulated a wave of Nimord Sentinels to kill every mutant there.

While the numerous waves of Nimrods started hunting mutants around the whole country, others had the command to build a giant Sentinel, where Stryker's mind was transferred.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Cyberpathy: Stryker can mentally communicate with (and control) all forms of machinery, even biologic material as the genes. The combination of his different power uses allowed him to control sentinels and shut down the X-Gene, unconsciously.



Various weapons and armor components culled from spare Sentinel parts.


  • In Ultimate X-Men #81, Beast reveals the leader of the anti-mutant conspiracy within the U.S. government that operated within the "New Mutants" story arc was an admiral named Stryker, who is also linked to the creation of the Ultimate Marvel Universe's version of the Legacy Virus.
  • His rebirth as a Sentinel after his death echos Steven Lang of the main reality.


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