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Wintersgate Manor

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Wintersgate Manor

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Wintersgate Manor is a three-story mansion located at the end of a cul de sac in Georgetown, Washington. It is the home of the enigmatic Baron Winters and his pet leopard, Merlin. Wintersgate is not a normal home, as it functions as a veritable gateway to different locations and time periods. At his choosing, Baron Winters may exit the building from any number of egresses and instantly arrive at another location and/or time era. The place and era that Winters travels to is at his own discretion. An odd caveat to this unique ability is that Baron Winters cannot leave his home if he wishes to simply walk outside in present day Georgetown. He can only travel to different locations or time periods.

For a time, Wintersgate Manor became the de facto headquarters to Winters' occult investigation team, the Night Force.[1]

Wintersgate was also the scene of a massive séance conducted by magus John Constantine, which involved Earth's most powerful mystics. The purpose of the séance was to combat the "Great Darkness" that was threatening to destroy Heaven, Hell and everything in between. The séance proved successful, but was not without great cost. The sorcerers known as Zatara and Sargon both lost their lives during this event.[2]



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