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Synopsis for "Under the Skin"

Wanting some time to think, Wolverine has Nick Fury drop him off in Times Square.  In the sewer tunnels below Manhattan, Masque and the Morlocks find the grate Elsie Dee destroyed.  Albert appears with her head, and Masque orders two of his henchmen to attack, but Albert swiftly dispatches them.  Albert threatens Masque with his claws, demanding access to electric power, computers, and a machine shop so he can build Elsie Dee a new body. In Central Park, Wolverine goes for a run until he senses something wrong in the park zoo.  He finds a wolverine bleeding in its cage, tortured by a man named Linus dressed as the zoo cleaner.  Linus stabs Logan’s hand with a knife then pulls a gun, but Logan plugs the barrel with one of his claws.  When Linus pulls the trigger, the gun explodes in his hand, knocking him into a trash can out of which tumbles the real zoo cleaner’s body.  Disgusted, Logan lets the wolverine out of its cage.  Linus flees, and the wolverine chases after him.  In a limousine on its way into Manhattan, Lady Deathstrike reads a newspaper and wonders how to draw Logan out for a fight.  She sees an ad for an exhibition of the captured Hunter in Darkness, and tells her driver to take her to the event’s sponsor, Ronald Parvenue.  She throws the newspaper out the window, and its pages waft down to the East River. Sabretooth surfaces and smells Deathstrike’s scent on the paper.


  • This issue includes a pin-up of Wolverine by Marc Silvestri and Dan Green.
  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • Essential Wolverine vol. 2 trade paperback (1997);
    • Wolverine by Larry Hama and Marc Silvestri vol. 2 trade paperback (2014);
    • Wolverine Epic Collection vol. 3: Blood and Claws trade paperback (2021).

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