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Appearing in "The Crunch Conundrum part 3: The Chimerical Mystery Tour!"

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Synopsis for "The Crunch Conundrum part 3: The Chimerical Mystery Tour!"

Wolverine, Mystique, and Spiral ride his motorcycle into a giant hole on the surface of the Citadel and land on a giant TV screen featuring Mojo.  The villain taunts Wolverine by showing Jubilee is his captive and then has more Plasma Wraiths attack.  In Canada, Albert and Elsie Dee confirm the skeleton they found is a match for Wolverine’s, but it is over 200 years old.  As they fight the Plasma Wraiths, Spiral explains to Mystique and Wolverine that Mojo is trying to prevent the Crunch, but doing so will nullify the Big Bang and erase the universe.  Mojo offers to save Wolverine if Jubilee consents to being his slave.  Gateway appears and signals Wolverine that the solution to the crisis lies with Albert and Elsie Dee.  Wolverine sends Mystique and Spiral back to the present to find them. Jubilee refuses Mojo’s deal, and he reveals Abcissa is a version of her who agreed to it.  Having tracked Albert and Elsie Dee’s tech, Spiral and Mystique arrive in Canada.  Spiral recognizes a missile the two androids have as an anti-matter implosion weapon that can trigger the Crunch.  Elsie Dee hands it over in exchange for Spiral sending her, Albert, and the Hunter in Darkness back in time to investigate the skeleton they found. Spiral sends the missile to the Citadel, and Wolverine rides it toward Mojo.  Jubilee again rejects Mojo’s offer, causing Abcissa to wink out of existence.  As the missile approaches Mojo, Jubilee and Wolverine get on his motorcycle and ride into a time vortex.  The next moment, Logan finds himself in a poker game at Four Freedoms Plaza with Beast, Gambit, Nick Fury, and the Thing.  He gets a phone call from Jubilee asking him to bail her out—she has been arrested in Tokyo with his motorcycle.


  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • Essential Wolverine vol. 3 trade paperback (1998);
    • Wolverine: Weapon X Unbound trade paperback (2017).

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