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Appearing in "Station Identification"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Vidkids (Single appearance)[1] (some die)
    • Cueball
    • K-Scope
    • Link

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Station Identification"

In the South Bronx, a costumed street gang called the Vidkids film themselves chasing down and killing a Morlock.  They send the video to a TV station, and X-Force member Shatterstar learns of them from a news broadcast.  Recognizing parallels between the Vidkids’ crimes and the brutal voyeuristic culture on his native Mojoworld, he decides to hunt the gang down.  At Xavier’s School, Wolverine sees the news story as well after a Danger Room session with Rogue.  He goes to the crime scene in the Bronx to investigate and is ambushed by Shatterstar.  After a brief scuffle, they recognize each other and choose to team up.  In Lower Manhattan, the Vidkids chase a homeless woman into the subway tunnels.  Wolverine and Shatterstar attack the gang from behind, taking them down one by one. Enraged by the gang’s nihilism and lack of honor, Shatterstar is ready to kill one of them, but Wolverine stops him. Instead, Wolverine destroys the gang’s camera equipment and leaves with Shatterstar.  Later, they watch from a nearby rooftop as the police take the Vidkids into custody and ponder the cultural effect of television.  Wolverine leaves Shatterstar wondering where he fits into human society.


  • This story takes place prior to Wolverine Vol. 2 #48
  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • Essential Wolverine vol. 3 trade paperback (1998);
    • X-Factor: Together Again for the First Time trade paperback (2012);
    • Wolverine: Weapon X Unbound trade paperback (2017);
    • X-Force Epic Collection vol. 1: Under the Gun trade paperback (2017).

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