Appearing in "Enemy of the State: Part 2"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Hydra (In Wolverine's thoughts)

Other Characters:

  • Two employees of F.F.
  • Avril, receptionist (Mentioned)



  • Elektra's sais


Synopsis for "Enemy of the State: Part 2"Edit

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  • This issue is Part Two of Six in the Marvel Knights story arc "Enemy of the State".
  • Wolverine and Elektra have a history together starting when Elektra began to assist Wolverine (who had become feral) in regaining his humanity. (Wolverine Vol 2 #102)
  • Elektra's history with the Hand is mentioned. She was trained by them to become a formidable assassin When she was murdered by Bullseye in Daredevil #181 the Hand attempted to reserruct and corrupt her similiarly to what they are doing now in this story arc.
  • In this and the issues that follow, there are two distinct voices in Wolverine's head. One is Wolverine's own consciousness, and the other is Hydra's programming.
  • The Invisible Woman is seen (in her invisible form) entering the Baxter Building, under the cover of rainfall.


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