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  • Reed's Think-Tank
  • "Non-space" cyber area
  • Terraformer (Reed's "land" forming invention)
  • Cyber suits
  • Multiverse observation room
  • Cyclops' Visor (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)


  • 1957 T-Bird (Johnny's car)
  • Hydra shuttle craft
  • Fire truck
  • Ambulance

Solicit Synopsis:Edit

The Fantastic Four is trapped in the Baxter Building with the world's deadliest weapon... Wolverine!

  • Think this is as good as it gets for Wolverine? You tell us, folks – all we’re thinking right now is that four against one isn't a fair fight... for the Four, that is…


  • This issue is Part Three of Six in the Marvel Knights story arc "Enemy of the State".
  • It was revealed in the previous issue, and again highlighted in this one, that the Hand have been killing and resurrecting meta-humans to become their terrorist assassins. Wolverine was influenced in this manner.
  • Reed orders the Fantastic Four to use Maximum Force in subduing Wolverine. "Property damage acceptable." The Thing responds by (much to Johnny's dismay) throwing the Human Torch's vintage car through a wall and barely missing Wolverine, who was hiding in their ventilation system.
  • Hydra and the Hand monitors Wolverine's progress by the upgrades they installed in him; which include multi-spectrum vision and superior hacking abilities.
  • The "Non-space" mentioned in this issue, appears to be an area of cyber-space that the genius trio share and where they create their most private inventions. Reed Richards accessed it through his "Think-Tank" while the other men used cybernetic suits.
  • In one panel, the Invisible Woman sends her two children 20 minutes into the future to escape the danger.


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