Quote1 Every time we think he's destroyed... he simply returns in another form! Quote2
-- Wonder Woman

Appearing in "Attack of the Human Iceberg"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Carol Sue
  • Brownie (dog)




Synopsis for "Attack of the Human Iceberg"Edit

Wonder Woman fan Carol Sue wins a trip to Paradise Island in a contest, but gets more excitement than she bargained for: Multiple Man, the Amazons’ nemesis, chooses that time to return and attack the island. Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Wonder Tot, and Queen Hippolyte battle and finally defeat the shape-changing menace, though they are not certain at the end whether he is destroyed, or merely abated.


  • This is an "Impossible Tale." The Wonder Woman Family are able to co-exist together due to "Amazon magic." In Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earth, it was determined that these Impossible tales took place on Earth-124.1.


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