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The Duke of Deception teleports a face onto Wonder Girl, half-normal, half-green and ugly, in an attempt to madden her and get her to destroy her family and thus pave the way for a Martian invasion fleet. Wonder Girl is maddened, but, after she destroys a temple on Paradise Island, she realizes her family is not fighting back, and that they still love her. Thus, she leaves the Island in self-banishment, finding the Duke’s flying saucer in the clouds above, with her old face visible within it. The Duke traps her and intends to use her as bait for the Wonder Woman family, but Wonder Girl breaks loose and signals her relatives. The Wonder Family destroys the Martian saucer fleet, recovers Wonder Girl’s stolen face, and has it regrafted to Wonder Girl’s head by surgery.


  • This is an "Impossible Tale." The Wonder Woman Family are able to co-exist together due to "Amazon magic." In Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earth, it was determined that these Impossible tales took place on Earth-124.1.


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