Quote1.png Sorry, my scientist friend -- but that hypothesis is so ridiculous...it doesn't even deserve being tested! Quote2.png
-- Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman catches sight of a strange vessel endangering the flight plan of a 747. Exiting her invisible robot plane, she boards the enemy craft and discovers Nazi swastikas painted along its fuselage. The pilot is a World War II era super-scientist known as the Red Panzer. He inadvertently left his native Earth-Two dimension and arrived in the present on Earth-One by way of his time-grappler device.

Wonder Woman and the Red Panzer begin fighting and the Panzer activates a time-grappler recall switch, which brings both of them back to Earth-Two. Panzer escapes Wonder Woman's clutches, leaving the hero stranded in the streets of New York of 1943.

Before long, Wonder Woman encounters her Earth-Two counterpart, and the two get into a brief fight. As they each explain to each other exactly who they are, they agree to work together to track down the Red Panzer.

They find him at his hidden lair in Alexandria Virginia and begin fighting him. Wonder Woman (Earth-One) wraps the Panzer up in her magic lasso, then activates his time-grappler so she can return to Earth-One.

Moments later however, the Panzer-ship instantly returns slamming into the back of the Earth-Two Wonder Woman. The Red Panzer begins laughing maniacally as he now gains the upper hand.


  • This issue represents the earliest chronological meeting between Wonder Woman of Earth-One and Wonder Woman of Earth-Two. The two characters actually met for the first time in Justice League of America (Volume 1) #100, however as this issue takes place in 1943, the events of Justice League #100 have not yet taken place in Wonder Woman (Earth-Two)'s internal chronology.


  • This is the first issue of the series to feature the new DC Comics "bullet" logo. DC will continue to use this standardized logo until 2005. The logo was designed by graphic artist, Milton Glaser.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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