Appearing in "Catacombs"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bridget
  • Carlo
  • Jacques
  • Pegasus
  • Peter
  • Sofia (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Catacombs"Edit

Wonder Woman consults the Magic Sphere on Paradise Island and learns of Bellerophon’s history. On Themyscria, the island which the Amazons abandoned for their new home centuries ago, Bellerophon tries to wrest the location of Paradise Island out of Steve Trevor, desiring to turn the Purple Ray on himself and restore his power. Aegeus tries torturing Steve, but Trevor escapes into the temple of Athena on the island. There he, a terrorist who is destroyed, and Sofia behold a vision of Athena, who tries to persuade Sofia to turn against Aegeus. Steve palms Athena’s scepter, which destroyed the terrorist, and hides it under his jacket. He is recaptured by Aegeus who, minutes later, knocks an approaching Wonder Woman out of the sky with a thunderbolt.

Appearing in "The Squeeze on Gotham"Edit

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters:


  • The Boa
  • Toro


Synopsis for "The Squeeze on Gotham"Edit

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