Quote1.png Is that little butterball really Wonder Woman? Quote2.png
-- Harbinger

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Synopsis for "Night of Many Wonders"Edit

Dr. Psycho asks the Monitor to supply him with a new ectoplasmic extractor, so the Monitor gets the Cheetah to steal him one. Unfortunately, Etta Candy and Howard Huckaby are on the premises at the time. Howard believes Etta is really Wonder Woman and says so within earshot of the Cheetah, causing the villainess to kidnap her and Howard. The Silver Swan wishes the Monitor to locate Captain Wonder for her, so he directs her to Psycho’s hideout, just after Psycho has used the extractor to transform him into Captain Wonder again. The Swan mistakenly thinks he is cheating on her with the Cheetah, and briefly attacks her before Psycho/Wonder breaks it up. Meanwhile, the Angle Man asks the Monitor how to power up his new Angler, and is directed to the National Air and Space Museum, where Etta and company are. Angle Man does find the object that can power up his Angler...a plane called the Daedalus, which he accidentally activates. Captain Wonder stops the plane, with the help of the Silver Swan. Howard uses the ectoplasmic extractor to transform Etta into a Wonder Woman copy, dubbed Wonder Etta. As such, Etta is able to defeat the villains seconds before the real Wonder Woman appears on the scene. Wonder Etta becomes regular Etta Candy shortly thereafter, and Howard proclaims his love for her. Later, Diana Prince and Keith Griggs get together, and Glitch is teleported away by aliens from his homeworld.


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