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Keith Griggs, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, and Lauren Haley rendezvous in Gen. Darnell’s office as ordered, even as Darnell prepares to give testimony before a Congressional subcommittee. The Amazonian Senate is on the verge of ousting Hippolyte as queen just as the goddess Demeter appears before them, creates mystic armor and clothes the Amazons in it, and tells them that Earth and Olympus are under attack, only seconds before the Anti-Monitor’s shadow-demons burst in and begin battling and killing Amazons. Diana Prince arrives in Darnell’s office, but Hermes appears, reveals her Wonder Woman identity to the others, and requests her aid. Diana becomes Wonder Woman just as Weaponers from Qward smash in and attack, but the Amazon and Hermes defeat them. Then Hermes takes Wonder Woman away with him, while Darnell himself faces Delilah, his long-lost lover and enemy from Burma, who has exposed his dealing in contraband arms. Wonder Woman and Hermes arrive on Paradise Island to see the shadow-demons, massed into a huge giant, laying waste to the Amazons. Diana goes to Science Island, locates the Purple Ray, turns it on the giant shadow-demon, and causes it to explode. The Amazons are victorious, but Hippolyte refuses to accept it, saying that the dream is over, and her daughter has only returned to die. She leads the Amazons in a prayer service, but the Olympian gods are hesitant; Zeus says that, if Hippolyta will not lead the Amazons to help them, then the gods must battle the Anti-Monitor’s forces alone.


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