Woodland Café
Silly Symphonies series
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Directed by Wilfred Jackson
Studio Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) 1937
Color process Technicolor
Country United States
Language English

Woodland Café is a Silly Symphonies animated Disney Short film. It was filmed in Technicolor and released in 1937. While it contained no on-screen credits, Wilfred Jackson was the director and Leigh Harline was the musical director.


The setting is a nightclub staffed and frequented entirely by insects. The cartoon is broken into three sections. In the first, the patrons are shown arriving, getting to their tables and being served; the lighting is provided by fireflies, and a card game is dealt by a centipede. The second features a performance of a French Apache dance as a good-girl fly resists the advances of a bad-boy spider (eventually getting the better of him). Finally, everyone jams the dance floor, even the snails, as the orchestra plays (and sings) "Everybody's Truckin'" on their instruments made of flowers.

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