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World Without Young Justice

Young Justice Vol 1 44
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World Without Young Justice
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Part 1: The World What We Once Knew

In an alternate universe a team vaguely reminiscent of Young Justice are hired to protect a young Jason Todd, their failure to do so prompts from out of inactivity to active duty, especially when Impulse appears before them and fades away citing a crisis in time.

Part 2: Glimpses Of You

Bart awakens inside of an inescapable magical cage created by Bedlam. He discovers that Bedlam has been using his "scouts" to rewrite Young Justice from history; using a loophole in the magical cage's system he escapes to find his fellow Young Justice members.

Part 3: Redone by the Vandal(s) of Time

Part 4: Doomsboy

Part 5: Bang Bang Bedlam's Purple Hammer


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