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Synopsis for "The Things In The Window"Edit

A man who believes himself to be a coward buys a house which the realtor has warned him is thought to be evil by the locals. One window in the house holds a strange fascination for him. He begins to think his cowardice has manifested in an obsession about the dark window, but one evening he sees a girl beckoning to him from the other side. He passes through the window into another dimension where strange shades attempt to hinder his progress towards the girl. She informs him that she became trapped in the dimension and the shades are cowardly creatures that plot to attack Earth. He leads her back to the window after defying the creatures and they return home. She compliments him on how brave he was and he realizes that all he ever needed was someone to believe in him and he considers himself a coward no more.

Appearing in "The Forbidden Land"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Forbidden Land"Edit

Magazine photographers hope to photograph secret rites of Peru, but after they return home after barely escaping being sacrificed in an exciting adventure, their photographer is astonished when their pictures are developed showing only natives going about their ordinary activities.

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Synopsis for "Let The Creature Beware!"Edit

A conman succeeds in bilking money from rural small towns by whipping up sentiment against those that appear and act different. He offers to collect money to hire lawyers to expel the 'creatures' and then moves on to his next mark with the money. His scheme works until he spies a bathing hermit with distinctive markings different from his own body and the conman assumes that the way the conman's body looks is the norm for people everywhere. He succeeds in whipping the townsfolk up against the hermit, until the other shoe drops and he realizes the townspeople all have similar markings beneath their clothes.

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Synopsis for "The Dreadful Dream"Edit

A man has a dream within a dream warning him not to take the train into work that morning. After dreaming that he has woken up, and recalled the morning's events as they unfold from his lucid dream, he boards the train. When the train crashes, and he wakes up a second time, he decides not to push his luck and tells his wife that he's decided to stay home today.

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Synopsis for "The Man With Yellow Eyes"Edit

During WWII a soldier saves another whom the troops call 'yellow eyes'. After the war, the man has a hunch the strange individual he saved may have returned to Africa, so he travels there and asks around. No one has seen such a unique individual, and his money runs out, so he becomes a guide. One day, while hunting lions, his rifle jams as a big cat springs at him and he figures his number's up. Suddenly, a strange whistle sounds and the cat breaks off its attack. In this distance, the man spots the strange individual whose life he had saved in the midst of a group of lions who have accepted him. He knows now that the debt has been repaid.

Appearing in "What Happened In The Basement?"Edit

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Synopsis for "What Happened In The Basement?"Edit

A man working in his basement creates an accidental time machine when a bolt of lightning strikes it and sends him into the future. He is arrested as an alien spy and brought before the judge. He relates his story and the judge finds it pretty outlandish. The judge tells him that he will allow ten minutes to pass before handing down his sentence, since if the story were true, the man's family would surely come into the basement to see what had happened to him and switch off his invention returning him to his own time. The man thinks he is doomed, since he gave orders not to disturb his work, but it turns out they come down and shut off the machine since it's his birthday and they've baked him a cake for a surprise party.


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